Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double Review: All Style

baby-jogger-2016-summit-x3-double-picFor most double jogging strollers it can be a task trying to find the right one, especially if you have children that are different ages, as most joggers will have balance and performance issues. Here we talk to parents that have actually taken this model out for a spin on a number of different terrains, in order to put this model to the test.

 What Parents Had to Say about why they loved it

Parents that reviewed this model seemed satisfied with its performance and easy navigation.  Parents also loved how well model traveled on all types of terrain. Consumers said that this jogger not only traveled well but that it also provided an enjoyable and comfortable ride for their children. Parents loved the front wheel lock and the unlock button, which is located on the handles. This feature makes for an easier transition when changing terrains as it allows you to continue pushing the jogger without having to stop and bend over to unlock or lock the wheel. One of the joggers other great features is the fact that it doesn’t pull towards one side when there is a weight difference in each seat. One consumer noted that having a newborn and a toddler in the model at the same time didn’t cause any issues with the way the jogger performed.  With all of these features included, this is still a reasonably priced model that received very positive ratings from parents.

Jogging with a Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double

If you were an avid jogger before you had your baby, the odds are that you’re pretty excited to use your new Baby Jogger to get back out there and shed those unwanted baby weight pounds. But don’t push yourself too hard during the first month with your jogger. In fact, you definitely need a little time to get used to running with the jogger and learn how to navigate it across different types of terrain. You also need to keep in mind that running with a jogger can be brutal, even if you’re in excellent shape, which is why most new moms recommend starting off with just a mile or two until your fitness level improves. A jogger can definitely take your workout to the next level, especially if there are a few hills on your morning jog.

To prepare for your new workout routine, first address your baby’s needs. Are they properly dressed for the weather? Are they due for a bottle? Do they have a teether or toy to occupy them? Most moms can agree that their baby’s enjoy the smooth motion that comes with riding in a jogger. Often, the only time an infant will cry during a run is if they’re hungry or teething. Keep this in mind before you head out of the house.

If you have a smartphone, download a running app that can direct you to the safest, best routes in your area. These handy apps can track your distance, weight, pace and fitness goals, plus they can connect you to other runners in the neighbourhood.

 The Disadvantage for this Model: Is it worth it?

baby-jogger-pic2As with most products, there are some disadvantages to take into account. The biggest complaint for this model was the back stroller seat being too small. Even though the seats in this model are a little bigger than those you’d typically find in a double stroller, there wasn’t enough of a height difference that would allow short toddlers to sit comfortably. There was also a complaint regarding the amount of space the stroller can take up in the trunk. The model’s wheels can easily snap off, to allow for more storage, however, it still didn’t allow for much room left in the trunk to store anything else. This is actually a pretty common issue with most double strollers and not just for this model in particular.

 The Conclusion for the Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double Jogger

This Baby Jogger jogging stroller is ideal for kids one to two years of age, is made from aluminum and weighs in at just over 39 pounds. The two included cup holders is an added plus when it comes to convenience when traveling. Parents love that this model is so lightweight and easy to fold, and other great features include the molded parent tray, rubber handles that are adjustable and slip resistant, built-in MP3 speakers, exposed spring suspension, which makes it easier to ride and offers a smoother riding experience, large rear tires that measure in at 16 inches with the front tire being 12 inches and the easy folding features help you quickly collapse the stroller when you’re on the go.

Overall, parents gave this double jogging stroller a rating of five stars, making this our top pick. It offers several features that the parents will find beneficial for their needs and their children’s. The extra thick wires along the rims help this model to provide the best performance you can get out of a jogger and the included remote lock front wheel is constructed out of aluminum, in order to ensure that you’re easily able to maneuver the jogger when you’re out for a run. Now you can enjoy a jogger that rides smooth like a stroller should, and one that gives your little one the comfortable ride they need to keep them happy and secure as mom or dad get in their morning workout.

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