Jogging Stroller Reviews

Over the last several years a new kind of stroller has evolved into a model that features two large rear wheels and a smaller front wheel, five point safety harness and cup holders for the kids. Jogging strollers continue to develop and improve each year, with newer models featuring:

  • MP3 speakers
  • extra storage bins
  • faux lambskin covers
  • lightweight aluminum frames

If you’re someone that enjoys jogging, hiking or going for a run and you have children, then it’s definitely time to start looking for the jogger that’s right for you.

Stability will be the first thing you need to look for in a jogger. When you’re running, turning a stroller will depend on even distribution of weight for the model’s three wheels, so that you can run smoothly and easily without fear of the model tipping or the wheels sticking.

Many of the joggers that are on the market today can offer front wheel lock features, which is essential if you’re going to use your jogging stroller for running. This will mean that the locked straight ahead position of the front wheel will be swivel free and much safer for you to use.

This type of stroller isn’t just used for running and is often used in place of a basic stroller because the maneuverability on these model’s is significantly better and allows you to fit into tighter spaces while walking down sidewalks and in stores or simply taking a walk down a crowded street.

A jogger can be used on:

  • camping trips
  • certain hiking spots
  • the beach
  • family outings that require a lot of walking

What you Want out of a Jogger

This type of stroller is designed to easily handle a variety of terrains, in addition to possessing a locking front wheel, which allows mom or dad to remain in control. Aesthetically, a jogger can differ in a number of ways including:

  • the wheels
  • sleekness
  • seat type
  • material

Instead of the standard four wheels that you would find on a traditional stroller, a jogger only has three, one in the front and two in the back. Many joggers don’t offer much in terms of storage space or accessories, which in turn provides improved mobility when running or jogging. This type of stroller is also made with more durable materials because of the increased amount of wear and tear a jogger goes through. And while a jogger can be used as a regular stroller as well, many moms find that they need both a standard stroller and a jogger, considering the jogger doesn’t possess adequate storage options.

Whether or not a jogger can function for everyday use really depends mainly on the needs of the individual families. Many moms would recommend having both because the jogger is usually heavier than a traditional stroller and can be harder to lift in and out of cars. While a jogger makes the perfect exercise stroller, they aren’t equipped with storage space, can’t be used in conjunction with a car seat and are just too heavy for some moms.

Most traditional strollers are designed to work alongside car seats. The traditional stroller is usually equipped with clips that allow mom or dad to remove their sleeping child in their car seat, placing them directly into their stroller, which helps to prevent untimely jolts that can cause waking. Additionally, many models of joggers don’t allow a child to fully recline and because most infants under six months are unable to hold their heads up, it can be difficult for them to function and feel comfortable in a jogger. Though it is possible to get by with having a jogger as your only stroller, many parents find that having both styles of strollers are preferable.

For age requirements, some models are suitable for infants and some are not. This mainly depends on the stroller itself. Some models are not designed for infants under six months of age because they don’t provide enough head and neck support. Because of this, parents should look for a product with the ability to allow their infant to fully recline, or a model with the ability to clip in a car seat, which can provide ample neck support. It should also be noted that some parents find exercising with an infant car seat pretty difficult because it adds too much excess weight and bulk, making it somewhat difficult to maneuver.

The jogger offers some heavy duty protection for your child as you both fly down the pavement during your morning jog. Using a jogger is also an excellent way to exercise and one that provides mom or dad not only with a means of working out with their child, but it also means running with some added weight, which can instantly up the intensity of your workout. Most parents also love the boon of having a place to store their water bottles, snacks and ipod.

This style of stroller can be an incredibly helpful tool for parents who are looking for a new method of exercising right after the birth of a child. After nine months of being pregnant, and what often involves a complete lack of working out regularly until the baby is born, moms are usually more than ready for some regular workout sessions or simply a break outside. Buying a stroller you can jog with is an investment for both physical and mental health. It’s also a great option for moms who are short on time and looking for effective workouts they can do with their child. Of course, an infant can only be placed in a jogger once they have developed strong enough neck muscles to support their heads and can handle the stress of jogging. Most infants enjoy going jogging with mom and moms find it a cost effective, easy way to get more active.

Traditional strollers lack the features that reduce the amount of jarring shocks an infant should be exposed to from moving at a fast pace or on an uneven surface. Traditional strollers simply don’t have the right type of features to handle moving quickly over uncultivated terrain. There’s no avoiding hazards such: 

  • curbs
  • bumps in the road
  • sections of non-paved surfaces
  • uneven sidewalks

Keep in mind that an ordinary stroller doesn’t have the ability to navigate at a jogging or running pace. So, if you’re not using a properly designed stroller during your runs, it can transmit jarring shocks to your infant that can be harmful to their health, especially if the baby is too young.

A jogger is equipped with pneumatic tires that are around sixteen inches in diameter or larger on the rear, and a twelve inch or larger front wheel. The larger wheels are designed to easily roll over bumps and transmit less stress to the infant. The pneumatic tires help to reduce the impact of bumps, providing a more comfortable riding experience for your little one. The bigger wheels also help to minimize rolling resistance, which means less pushing effort on long runs. A basic stroller will usually have small plastic wheels that are unable to reduce shock and are not ideal for navigating uneven terrain.

Joggers are equipped with some kind of shock absorber system in order to further reduce the infant’s exposure to rough bumps in the road. Most models feature a sling style seat and shocks on each wheel that work to absorb some of the constant jarring motions that come with running.

The locking front wheel on a jogger is what provides you with more control over the stroller, making it easier to maneuver and more stable overall. If you try running with the front wheel unlocked the wheel will begin to wobble, creating strong vibrations that will make the jogger uncomfortable for your infant. It can even result in the wheels turning too sharply, causing the stroller to tip over, which can cause serious injury to an infant. Every type of jogger provides the ability to lock the front wheel, and the best models also allow the front lock position for perfectly straight jogging. Most strollers that are designed for serious runners will rely on the fixed front wheel that’s kept perfectly straight, allowing for faster speeds.

Strollers that are designed for running allow the front wheel to be pushed forward, away from an infant’s center of gravity. Because of this, the front wheel is able to move around more feely in the event of a pothole in the road, transferring less stress to the infant.

The jogger seat is a bit more reclined than seats found on traditional strollers, even when it is placed in the most upright position. The design of the seat is also intended to reduce stress on the baby since the impact of the shocks are designed to spread over a larger surface as opposed to straight up the infant’s spine.


Instep Grand Safari Swivel Wheel Jogger

The first jogger we take a look at is by Instep and it’s called the Grand Safari Swivel Wheel jogger.

  • One of its best features is its slip resistant rubber gripped handles and the built-in MP3speakers.
  • Parents seem to love this model because it’s lightweight and easy to collapse and store or transport. This model also features the dual trigger folding mechanism, which allows you to take it and go at a moment’s notice.
  • The rear tires are 16 inches, with the front measuring in at 12 inches, which means these tires will work safely on most types of terrain and with the molded aluminum rims, the ride will be comfortable for your kids and easy for you to navigate.
  • This is actually a very reasonably priced model that still provides quality without the large price tag.

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogging Stroller Review

The next jogging stroller we take a look at is the Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogging Stroller.

  • This model has excellent maneuverability and is able to ride smoothly on uneven terrain.
  • The expedition weighs in at 32 pounds and is made from steel, which makes it a slightly heavier model than other aluminum joggers we have reviewed, although it also makes it more durable.
  • This jogger includes a rear parking break, wrist strap, parent tray, five point harness system, canopy and under the seat storage basket, independently reclining seats and an oversized fender.
  • It also comes with pneumatic wheels, built-in MP3 speakers and two cup holders for the kids.
  • This model got rave reviews for being able to perform well even with children of different sizes riding in it.
  • Overall this is one of the best rated models on the market today and parents loved it because it was durable, easy to use and provided smooth traveling. Click here to look at our sponsorship

Baby Jogger 2016 Summit X3 Double

The last jogger we take a look at is produced by Baby Jogger and is called the Baby Jogger 2016 Summit X3 Double

  • People had plenty to say about this model, especially regarding the large number of features it had to offer such as how lightweight it is, being composed of aluminum and weighing in at 39 pounds.
  • Cup holders come included with this model as do built-in MP3 speakers, remote lock front wheel; slip resistant easy grip rubber handles, for added safety and extra thick wires on the rims for added traction. 
  • Parents that have children that are significantly different in size were still able to easily use this model without the fear of it tipping or having the weight difference effect the overall performance.
  • Most parents found this to be a durable and fun model to drive on any type of terrain and it was said to be easier to steer than most double joggers on the market.